Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Interesting Websites

The first one is of our General Assembly with a streaming video (Thanks, ML, for the head's up)

The second one, I discovered, while looking for photos of John Calvin.  There are lots of fun factoids on John Calvin, one of our denomination's leaders.  And, a quiz---I only got 3 correct the first time, but did better the second day with 8/10!

So, one link will take you live to our denomination in action planning the future and the second one will interest all of you history buffs out there.  I like two web sites that link our past, present and our future.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reform School

Have you ever wondered what makes a Presbyterian a Presbyterian? How are we different from, say, a Baptist or a Lutheran? Why do we baptize infants?  Why do we change the color of the material on the pulpit from time to time? Does any of this matter!? "Reform School" is an attempt to answer some of these curious questions about our denomination. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gardens in June

 St. Mark Presbyterian has beautiful gardens thanks to the hard work of a gardening team.  If anyone knows what the yellow plant  to the right is, please let us know---it was swarming with bees!
 This beautiful orange plant has the un-beautiful name of Butterfly Weed.
 We think this is Purple Salvia above and the purple below is a Butterfly Bush with day lilies.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gardeners Needed

Adopt a Garden
Mary, Mary, quite contrary, let your gardens grow.

St. Mark gardens belong to you and the biggest supporter of this garden is our gentle Jesus.
The butterflies and bees love the garden as do the slugs, beetles, rabbits, squirrels and deer. The squirrels love the walnut tree and generously plant the seed in many beds hoping to retrieve it next year. But we find it before it grows to 3 feet.

We need people to help us keep our gardens beautiful despite the wandering plants, slugs and volunteer walnut trees.  You may adopt a bed to help keep our gardens beautiful.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Circles at the End of the Year

 Many of the Presbyterian Women Circles at St. Mark Presbyterian Church have a special meeting at the end of the programming year in May.  Hannah Circle wears hats and tells jokes, but most of the circles have a dinner or lunch.  Martha Circle had a picnic at the Weirs.  Rachel Circle went out to lunch at Sisters Tea House in Fenton which is in the old Navaho Hotel.
These photos are from Judith Circle which had a pot luck supper at one of the member's homes.  With only divine guidance, we had one fruit salad, one bean salad, one green salad, one couscous salad, cheese crackers, rolls, meatballs and dessert.  We could not have planned it any better.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Litany of Thanksgiving, Part II

This is the second portion which was read at the end of the service by our current pastors and our 3 pastors emeritus.  Our pastor, Steve and his wife Kim created this litany for St. Mark Presbyterian's 50th Anniversary.  

           L:    For disciples young and old who have been nurtured here in faith,
            For Vacation Bible Schools from “Created by God” to “Operation Overboard”, for creative and dedicated Directors of Christian Education and Youth,
            For Teen Center Unlimited, Mound Ridge weekends, Confirmation Classes, and our preschool,
            For Kerygma, Stephen Ministry, Circle meetings and Koinonia and other small groups that help us to grow and nurture our souls,
         P:    We give you thanks, O God

L:            For all who have come here asking your blessing in marriage, seeking to love with your love,
            For cantatas and children’s pageants, foot washings and advent wreaths,
            the harmony of choir voices and the resonance of bells,
            For loved ones commended to your eternal care,
P:            We give you thanks, O God. . .