Monday, October 5, 2020

Selling on Ebay to benefit Missions


I've been selling left-over items from our ABC Sale for several years.  But with Covid-19, we were unable to have the ABC Sale, so selling on Ebay has been one of our few fundraisers this year for our many local and foreign missions.

If you live locally, I have most of the items "free for local delivery" so local people can purchase items without paying for postage.  I will take the items to church for your to pick up.

I've added "Discoverstmark" to each listing, so if you go on Ebay, and type in "Discoverstmark" you will find some of the items for sale.  Click here for an example.

The Mission Committee had hoped to sell some items from Partners for a Just Trade, but with no in-person worship, I've agreed to add them to Ebay.  You can search "Discoverstmark Missions" to find some of those items.  Or, click here.

If you want Christmas items, search for "Discoverstmark Christmas".  Click here for an example.

You can help by buying items or by donating items for me to sell.  Just remember, I sell unbreakable items that fit in my mailbox and are worth at least $5.  This Ebay/ABC/Peru Mission Sale will be on-going all year.  I will be taking a brief selling break from mid October until early November but welcome donations during that time. 

Thank you-----Jaclyn Morgan

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