Thursday, September 3, 2020

Simple joys

The sound of cicadas greet me as I walk,
a gentle breeze feels comforting on this pretty August day.
It’s a good day to be outside
Not too warm, not too humid.

I enjoy hearing various birds chirping to each other
As I greet neighbors, keeping our 6-foot distance.
One lady is trimming her hedges
She says one day she’ll have to just cut them all out.

I see a lovely yellow door on a red brick house,
porches that look nice with planters and chairs.
I notice many doors with decorations
And think I should put some on mine as well.

A squirrel dashes across the street in front of me,
Looking to be in a hurry.
And I think it’s a day for slowing down,
To see, hear, smell, feel and taste the world around me.

A little further down I hear sounds of mowers
Then I notice the smell of freshly cut grass.
A porch holds a large box (another online shopper?)
I see a flag up on a mailbox, waiting for the mail person

It is so good to be out in the fresh air
Breathing freely
Not coughing as I often do,
It really is a day of perfect weather.

I am thankful for the green grass and flowers
For the pleasant weather and nice neighbors
For my padded shoes and body without pain
Then upon arriving at home, a cool refreshing drink of water.

Simple joys. Contentment.

Sharon Cardwell
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

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