Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Lenten Meditation

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. Lent represents the last 40 days of Jesus’ life, His death
and His resurrection. It reminds us of the finiteness of human life on earth.

In the Genesis passage, God reminds Adam of this finiteness.
Christian churches generally place an emphasis on this Lenten period of time as a period of repentance for our sins and the grace of God offered through Jesus Christ in the form of forgiveness (indicating God’s love for His creation.)

Read Mark 8:34
The cross in this passage is symbolic of the life of the followers of Jesus Christ. In living the life of a follower of Christ or of God, Jesus emphasized two commandments.

These passages can be interpreted as saying, “First, love God.” Having said that and having done that, you should love your neighbor as you understand God wants you to love Him and as you understand God loves you.

Life is not only finite, it contains suffering as well as joy. Our faith produces endurance, because our faith contains hope based on trust. Since hope is based on our faith, our character is shaped by this faith and our trust in God buoys us up. God’s love is a gift to those of faith and is often called God’s grace.

Returning to the Genesis passage, we are reminded that our life could end at anytime. It is important that we live each day to its fullest, realizing that the suffering, hard work, joy and self-giving that we experience is “carrying the cross for Christ.”

G. Fuller

Reprinted with permission from the author from St. Mark Presbyterian's 1998 Lenten Devotional.
Please join us in the sanctuary on March 6 at 7:00 PM as we begin the Lenten Season with our Ash Wednesday service. This meaningful service reminds us of our own mortality and hope for the resurrection in Jesus Christ.

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