Sunday, March 10, 2019

Worship Prayers for March 3


“Lord Jesus, be our light in this new day. Let our lives reflect your glory, our words show forth your goodness, and our actions shine with your grace; in your holy name we pray. Amen.”

God spoke to Moses on a mountain and broke the bonds of slavery.
Speak to us again, O Lord.
Jesus’ appearance changed on a mountain, and his clothes became dazzling white.
Shine through us again, O Lord.
Come! Let us worship our transforming God together!


Merciful and gracious God, we bow before your unending compassion, the measure of our falling short. We have not loved as you command. We have not spoken truly. We have not cared for creation, including ourselves, according to your will. What we intend, we have not pursued; what we mean to avoid, we embrace. Help us to know the mind of Christ that in all thoughts, words, and deeds, our lives might come to honor you. Amen.

For the sermon, Click here.

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