Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is "Flash Prayer" Part of Your Prayer Life?

The beauty of this Sunset led to a Flash Prayer.
At our St. Mark small group meeting last week, we focused on the basics of prayer including how to pray and when to pray. 

The lesson included the ACTS prayer guide which includes: 

A = adoration

C = confessions 
T = thanksgiving 
S = supplication 

One of our group members mentioned having a white board in the kitchen with names of those on her prayer list ... then each time she’s in the kitchen, she’s says a quick prayer for them. Others offered similar ideas.

The lesson noted that “Our prayers can be offered whenever and wherever the spirit of God moves us to pray. Sometimes these are called ‘flash prayers.’ They are prayed spontaneously, on the spur of the moment, at unplanned times.” 

Flash prayers. Members of our small group really liked the phrase.

Often, when I see some of God’s awesome creations (like the sunset photo above), I say a quick prayer of thanksgiving. Now, I know that quick prayer is a flash prayer.

I suggested someone should create a flash prayer movement similar to the flash mob videos at Christmas time. 

Jackie M asked me to write a flash prayer post for Discover St. Mark. 

Then, reading the Daily Guideposts the other day I noted two sites that writer Karen Barber wrote in her author’s bio. One for this topic on prayer is for people from all over the country to share practical ideas on ways of praying. You can find it at http://www.prayerideas.org/ 

By the way, Carol Wehrheim wrote the Basics of Prayer lesson our group used and it is available from The Presbyterian Leader for a small fee. 

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