Monday, December 31, 2018

A Year Untried

A new year is approaching with all of its requisite resolutions, hopes, and fears. I like to remind my
children during times of uncertainty that we might not know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future. Many will start January 1 off with the best of intentions, but old habits and routines are hard to break. What are some positive changes we can make in the coming year? We can all pray more, read the Bible more, worship more, and serve more. Resolutions are easily broken, but they are much stronger when we have a community to encourage us and hold us accountable. I hope you will make a decision to attend worship services, educational classes, and fellowship opportunities on a regular basis in the coming year. If you have to miss worship, I encourage you to catch up by watching past sermon videos online at our website: I recently found the old poem, A Year Untried, from R.M. Offord, and I think it speaks to our hopeful future.
A year untried before me lies, What it shall bring of strange surprise, Or joy, or grief, I cannot tell; But God my Father knoweth well. I make it no concern of mine, But leave it all with Love Divine.  
Be sickness mine, or rugged health, Come penury to me, or wealth; Though lonesome I must pass along, Or loving friends my way may throng; Upon my Father’s word I rest, Whatever shall be will be best. 
No ill can come but He can cure, His Word doth all of good insure: He’ll see me through the journey’s length For daily need give daily strength. ‘Tis thus I fortify my heart, And thus do fear and dread depart.  
The sun may shed no light by day, Nor stars at night illume my way; My soul shall still know no affright, Since God is all my life and light. Though all the earthly lamps grow dim, He walks in light who walks with Him. 
O Year untried! — thou hast for me Naught but my Father’s eye can see; Nor canst thou bring me loss or gain, Or health or sickness, ease or pain, But welcome messenger shall prove From Him whose name to me is Love!
In Hope and Confidence, Pastor Dave

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