Tuesday, June 16, 2020

One Day at a Time

To worry about the future,
"How long can we stay in our 2 -story house?"
means less satisfaction and joy today.

To worry about the future,
"what will happen if I get sick?"
paralyzes me from living life today.

To worry about the future,
"what if we have to isolate for a year?"
 challenges my faith that God knows the way.

We have had many challenges—brain injury, heart infection, cancer, pain.

When the challenges tried to bury me, I knew what to do.

Standing eye to eye, I have confronted life’s obstacles;
I have made compromises.

“You can slow me down, you can block my way,  
I must live my life . . ..with God’s grace and guidance. . .. 
One day at a time.”

Jaclyn Morgan

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