Monday, June 22, 2020

Virtual ABC Sale

Sadly, due to the Covid-19 virus, the Attic Basement Closet Sale, which was scheduled for June 26-27, was cancelled. The Deacons had budgeted to raise $14,000 from the 2020 sale based on the amount generated in the 2019.

Following the sale each year, the Deacons allocate the funds to their designated missions. These missions are in need more than ever this year. The Circle of Concern Golf Tournament scheduled for May, with all proceeds going to the Circle of Concern, was also cancelled. For those reasons, we ask that if you are able to give monetarily the value of what you would have donated to the sale, we will be able to continue supporting our missions.

If you are able to support the “Virtual ABC Sale” with a donation, please address your check to St. Mark, with ABC sale in the memo line. This mission drive will go through the end of August. Thank you again for your continued support!

The St. Mark Deacons thank all who have been faithfully supporting the ABC Sale throughout the years. It has been a longtime tradition at our church, enabling members to donate items no longer needed which provide funding for our deserving mission partners. It also has been a wonderful time for members to work together all week getting ready for the sale. As many of you know, the workers begin on the Sunday before the sale and work diligently all week unloading the donations, transporting them to the correct areas of the church, sorting, pricing, conducting the sale, preparing food for the workers, then cleaning up and loading everything to transport to various resale shops after the sale concludes. Thank you to all who have so diligently participated during the many previous years of the sale!

The local missions supported by the Deacons are:

  •  Businesspersons Between Jobs
  •  Circle of Concern
  •  Isaiah 58
  •  Lafayette Industries 
  •  Mound Ridge
  •   Peace Meal
  •   Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Service 
  •   UKirk StL- collegiate congregation

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