Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Re-purposed furniture and terrarium
I look around my home at all the things I’ve “re-purposed”.  Some items were designed for a totally different function than I use them for now (Like using a tabletop phone stand to raise my IPad and books to a more ergonomic level). Some are things that someone else no longer needed or wanted that fit beautifully in my home - from furniture I got from my parents to a cabinet that holds Mike’s media equipment perfectly while fiitting in the space I needed it to fit into.
I’m a “Queen” of Repurposing –when my office moved and the company was throwing things away, I “saved” stuff and found new homes for everything with people who could use the items - from office supplies to mouse race decorations, (though the 20 million odd mugs, did go to Goodwill which accepts things up till 7:30 at night).
In many ways, all of us are “re-purposed”, as our lives change and evolve, we evolve and change as well.  From Child, to Tween, to Teenager, to Young Adult, to Married Couple, to Parent, to Older Adult, to Grandparents, to “Seniors”.
We don’t stay static. Most of us change jobs multiple times, move to different homes and communities, make new friends, lose contact with old friends. We develop new routines, ways to do things and priorities in the process.  Some of us develop health issues, others work on going to the gym and exercising to stay healthy.  Some of us find new passions and hobbies as we get older.  Others pick up hobbies again, that they hadn’t had time for, for years.
Each time we change and grow and “recreate” ourselves, we have a new opportunity to repurpose our lives and repoint them toward our Faith. To share with others, to be grateful for the opportunities that have come our way, to start participating in a new Bible study class, or join a Faith based group, or just to share what our Faith means to us.

Dale Weir

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