Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Statement of Faith by Confirmands Part 4

I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that the Father sent Jesus Christ to this Earth to lead a life of kindness, empathy, and forgiveness, that others would follow for centuries to come. I believe the Holy Spirit breathes patience and strength into my life at the crack of dawn every morning. I believe that the bible was created, not to be taken literally, but to demonstrate a holy life. That the church was created as a welcoming place, for all who wanted to worship. That St. Mark was built as a welcoming home to all and to help make the world brighter in small, but mighty ways. I believe that the church should always stand for all people who worship Christ, through turning your other cheek and loving thy neighbor. I believe that all followers of Christ will make a mistake, or thousands, and whether it be big or small, the Lord will forgive and love you just the same. I believe that all followers of Christ should be faithful to Him and let Him take control of their lives when uncertainty lies ahead. Followers of Christ should love others, even when they haven’t loved them. Presbyterians should love all people, no matter their race or gender, like Christ loves and accepts all His children. I believe that sharing my anxieties and worries, and my hopes and joys, with the Lord, is one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining hope. I know that there is always a big plan and purpose, and even if I can’t see it, I know it’s there. After living a life of faith and filling the world with love and hope, I’m not sure what Heaven will be like. But I know that the Lord created it for eternal peace and happiness, and when it is time, I will be in a place of love for all eternity.

Julia D.

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